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25/08/2021 9:00 - 17:00
26/08/2021 9:00 - 17:00


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After a year, we would like to invite you warmly to attend our Summer School which is this time defined as “Energize your HR team after the Covid break!”. Let´s bring our employment-law knowledge up to date, discuss practical tips and also do something for yourselves.
What can you look forward to?
Nataša Randlová and Michal Peškar will definitely be present both in July and August. As you already know both of them, their employment-law topics will be interesting, attractive and practical. You will not miss the labour-law case law, favourite employment-law guidance or the topic of new regulation of annual leave and its functioning in the HR practice.
Each HR worker in his practice needs to have persuasive profession – either in the eyes of the employees or candidates or when meeting with the board, suppliers etc. Therefore, we have invited Robert Sättler, a charismatic lecturer and coach, who will lead you through an interactive training focused on authentic speech, confidence in behaviour, or ability to gain and keep the attention of the audience. How to measure emotions? How to overcome communication barriers? Together with Robert we will answear these and many more questions.

And what more?

Again, we will do something both for our body and our soul. Toghther with Katarína Dioszegiová we will think about the correct posture and just spine. In everyday bustle, you will appreciate face yoga and other good habits as presented by a very inspiring woman and jazz singer Petra Vlková. Least but not last, you will have chance to meet Pavla  Rozínková who will present her (not only medical) advice on prevention of common diseases.

Detailed program can be found here.