25. 6. 2020

Last vacancies at the Summer School

Let us invite you to the traditional Summer School seminar, which takes place on August 26-27. Come to educate yourself and have some fun, learn something new and try it out in practice at the same time! The restrictions on coronavirus are over, however, we still have your safety in mind, therefore we have not abolished hygiene measures. You can learn more about …

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Amendment of the Labour Code 2020 – New date 8 July, 2020

We are excited to see your interest in the seminar dedicated to the new amendment of the Labour Code. Therefore, we decided to offer you an extra date – 8 July, 2020. The training will be led by a pair of labour law experts Nataša Randlová and Michal Peškar who have been focusing on the amendment since its very beginnings and know all about the alternatives to the current changes that were discussed in the past and why some proposals have not made the cut and why others have.

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About us

Randls Training

Randls Training, educational agency, offers training to the public, mainly in area of employment law, but also in commercial law and related areas. In addition to both general and specialised training on various topics and novelties in these areas.

We can also prepare Made-to-measure training as well as the HR Academy and trainings in English.

And why chose Randls Training from among other education agencies?

Because only we have the „5 P’s training“


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