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9. 6. 2021

New terms for our famous training Employment law from A to Z

We are very happy to announce new autumn terms for our most famous training of all times – Employment law from A to Z, vol. I – III. The first part will take place on 30 September, the second part on 12 October and the third part/workshop on 11 November 2021. Due to technical and capacity reasons, it is not possible to …

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Randls Training


During 21-22 July and 25-26 August, a new volume of our famous two-day lighten summer training not only for HR workers will take place in Randls Training. There will be plenty of interesting topics, including labout-law case law, employment guidance, annual leave in practice or an interactive practical training focused on autentic expression, and confident behaviour in everyday HR situations led by Robert Sättler. Do not hesitate to sign in to the July term (since the August term is alrealdy sold out)!


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Randls Training

Randls Training, educational agency, offers training to the public, mainly in area of employment law, but also in commercial law and related areas. In addition to both general and specialised training on various topics and novelties in these areas.

We can also prepare Made-to-measure training as well as the HR Academy and trainings in English.

And why chose Randls Training from among other education agencies?

Because only we have the „5 P’s training“


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