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21. 10. 2021

Arts in Randls Training helps Vincent in Kenya

Within our long-time project “Arts can help” we have engaged in the help of non-profit organisation Centrum Narovinu which – above all – organizes a distant adoption of children in Africa through the financial contributions fot their education. On the final day of the exhibiton of Evelína Milfortová’s Photos, we handed over to Centrum Narovinu a gift certificate in the amount of CZK …

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Exclusive video conferencing in Randls Training

Our newly installed Cisco Webex system will allow us to organize so-called “hybrid” seminars – some of you will be in person in Randls Training and some will stay at home or in office. Special system of cameras and microphones tracks and finds automatically any speaker in the room and focuses on him/her (the Speaker Track technology). The lecturer can walk back and forth in the room and never walks out of video. The online participants will see and hear anyone who will pose a question during the presentation. The sound is crystal clear – no more buzz or misunderstanding. Should you look for perfectly technically equipped video conferencing premises, come and try out Cisco Webex in Randls Training – we will be happy to prepare for you a lease offer for our premises which will perfetly fit your needs.


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Randls Training

Randls Training, educational agency, offers training to the public, mainly in area of employment law, but also in commercial law and related areas. In addition to both general and specialised training on various topics and novelties in these areas.

We can also prepare Made-to-measure training as well as the HR Academy and trainings in English.

And why chose Randls Training from among other education agencies?

Because only we have the „5 P’s training“


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