27. 1. 2020

Business Brunch, SUMMER SCHOOL 2020

Reserve one the two dates for our popular two-day summer school for HR personnel: July 15 – July 16 and August 26 – August 27, 2020. Great success of our HR Exchange Meetings and interest of our clients in taking part in similar meetings on current topics of business, contracts, compliance and commercial and civil law made us organize the first Business Brunch …

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Randls Training

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Randls Training is an unconventional educational center in many ways. Modern training rooms, full of light and with beautiful views, led us to the idea of making the most of the white walls a little bit differently than by covering them with bookshelves. With great enthusiasm we have taken up the idea of a small art gallery, through which we can provide premises for all known and unknown artists and, by this means, promote their work.

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Randls Training

Randls Training, educational agency, offers training to the public, mainly in area of employment law, but also in commercial law and related areas. In addition to both general and specialised training on various topics and novelties in these areas.

We can also prepare Made-to-measure training as well as the HR Academy and trainings in English.

And why chose Randls Training from among other education agencies?

Because only we have the „5 P’s training“


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