Školení, které Vás osvěží...

About Us

Randls Training, educational agency, offers training to the public, mainly in the area of employment law, but also in commercial law and related areas. In addition to both general and specialised training on various topics and novelties in these fields, we can also prepare Made-to-measure training as well as the HR Academy designed particularly for HR workers. In addition, we also organise training for English speaking managers.

And why choose Randls Training from among the tens of other education agencies?

Because only we have the „5 P’s training“


Professional lecturers

The entire team of Randl Partners: Nataša Randlová, Pavel Randl, Michal Peškar, Irena Lišková, Jakub Lejsek, Anežka Petrová, and Lucie Brázdová, employment law expert Petr Hůrka and many interesting guests.

Practical format

No reading of regulations but training lectured amicably, understandably and with examples provided. Small number of participants – large amount of time for questions.

Pleasant environment

New building right at the Budějovická metro station, modern interior with lots of light and a magnificent view.
Come and take a virtual tour of Randls Training. You will not want to leave.

Prime topics

Law is our bread and butter – we know what bothers you, what you would like to hear or train.
We are listening to you.

Perfect refreshment

Stop eating stale sandwiches packed in plastic and drinking flask coffee – at Randls Training, we believe that high-quality fresh food and healthy drinks belong to good training.

Come and see!

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