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Amendment of the Labour Code and the Consolidation Package


21/09/2023 9:00 - 13:00


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This training is led only in Czech language, present attendance only.

We invite you to our popular “amendment” training, where we will introduce you to the changes brought not only by the new Amendment to the Labour Code but also by the newly introduced so-called consolidation package. Part of the amendment is linked to the transposition of the European directives, so we will explain the changes in the European context. There will be model situations, practical recommendations and space for your questions. You will find the specific proposed changes under the “Training topics” tab.

The training will cover the following changes:

  • information obligation – what else will we have to tell employees
  • major changes to agreement on working activity / agreement to perform work (so-called “agreements”)
  • increased protection for employees who are parents
  • homeoffice – completely new rules for remote work, including compensation
  • delivery – a reform to help facilitate digitalisation
  • reversed burden of proof in some employment termination cases
  • new fines and increase to already existing ones
  • amendment to the Employment Act regarding agency employment
  • consolidation package and its impact on HR – insurance of “agreements”, tax (un)advantageous benefits and food vouchers