Business Brunch, SUMMER SCHOOL 2020

Reserve one the two dates for our popular two-day summer school for HR personnel: July 15 – July 16 and August 26 – August 27, 2020.

Great success of our HR Exchange Meetings and interest of our clients in taking part in similar meetings on current topics of business, contracts, compliance and commercial and civil law made us organize the first Business Brunch in 2020. We planned Business Brunch as a block of three meetings a year, each dedicated to a current topic. Each Business Brunch will consist of three parts – legal news, seminar on current topic and questions.
For the first Business Brunch, we have chosen the topic which in practice is one of the most often and discussed and which usually interconnects all departments within company – on 18/02/2020 we will talk (in the first part dedicated to legal news) about the large amendment to the Business Corporations Act which we will briefly introduce you to and highlight the most important changes to be brought by the amendment. We will dedicate the main part of the Business Brunch to a topic called „Directors, Board of Directors and duties of Czech companies within international groups in a nutshell“. You may also look forward to a great food – we will test miniburgers and donuts!

You may sign in for the Organization and sign-in details are here.

  • Date: 27. 01. 2020

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