Summer school 2021 is here! And the August term is almost sold out!

This year, the sixth edition of our favourite Summer School (not only) for HR workers will take place on 21st/22nd July and 25th/26th August, from 9 am to 5 pm, in the premises of Randls Training.

We are working very hard to complete the program. However, we can already promise meeting lecturer and coach Robert Sättler who is a very charismatic guide through the autentic communication.

As of the employment-law matters, you will definitely meet Nataša Randlová and Michal Peškar with the topic of case law and the popular employment-law consulting room. Other topics will be completed soon.

Inspiring woman, singer and photographer Petra Vlková (, together with therapist Katarína Dioszegiová will teach you about the right deportment, spine posture, Dorn method, face yoga and many more.  Least, at not last, you will have chance to meet MUDr. Pavla Rozínková, a holistic medicine doctor, who will enlighten your knowledge of preventive measures and support of the right functioning of our organism.

We will be adding more information here, on our website, during spring. If you have already decided to participate, send us an email and we will safe a place for you. But hurry – the August term is already almost full!

A booklet with all information can be found (in Czech version only) here.

  • Date: 14. 04. 2021

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