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New amendment of the Labour Code


15/10/2024 09:00 - 13:00


Standard price CZK 2550 (CZK 3086 VAT included)
Special price for Randl Partners clients: CZK 2350 (CZK 2844 VAT included)


Free capacity

Watchout, the “flexi-amendment” of the Labour Code is coming and we are training it for you!

As soon as we have dealt with the big amendment to the 2023 Labour Code, there are more changes on the way, which aim to loosen some of the strict rules and bring more flexibility to employment. To make matters worse, in addition to this so-called flexi-amendment, several other amendments are in the pipeline, and not just to the Labour Code.

  • probationary period – length, extension
  • termination of employment – grounds for termination, duration and length of notice period
  • self-scheduling of working time by the employee
  • performance of work on parental leave
  • fixed term for the period of the replacement
  • calculation of average earnings
  • payment of wages in foreign currency
  • delivery of pay slips
  • employment of minors
  • introduction of a minimum wage indexation mechanism and changes to the guaranteed wage
  • plurality of trade unions in the employer
  • changes to the PLS
  • entrance examinations
  • health protection measures
  • further changes to the Labour Code in 2024 and 2025


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