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Employment of foreigners in 2024


11/06/2024 9:00 - 14:00


Free capacity

The training is led in Czech language only.

The training will address the following questions:

– basic legal regulations governing the employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic

– employment of EU citizens versus employment of third-country nationals (also taking into account the war conflict in Ukraine)

– the basic institutes used in the employment of foreigners (employee card, blue card, intra-company employee transfer card)

– exceptions – free access to the labour market in the Czech Republic, non-dual employment card, short-term work

– other aspects of the employment of foreigners (in particular the information and evidence obligation of employers, foreigners’ work trips, quotas, etc.)

– monetary and non-monetary sanctions for breaches of labour law regulations related to the employment of foreigners

– economic migration programmes

– news and changes


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