Autumn program in Randls Training

At first, we would like to remind you of the fourth course of Employment law from A to Z (signed as the D group) lectured by Nataša Randlová and Michal Peškar which is running out of free places. The first part will take place on 30 September, the second one on 12 October and the third one (workshop) on 11 November 2021.

On 29 September 2021, Ladislav Mádl will lead a training with the topic of Employing foreigners in the Czech Republic in 2021.

There is a draft of new legislation concerning the topic of whistleblowing being discussed in the Czech Parliament which needs to be implemented as of 17 December 2021 and Anežka Petrová knows it perfectly and will have training with this topic on 6 October and 16 November 2021.

Also, there is the third edition of Business Brunch lead by the commercial-law team of Randl Partners taking place on 19 October 2021.

No one knows better the topic of Working time than Michal Peškar. Come and see on 21 October 2021.

Do Company cars stand for pleasure or worry for you? After the lecture of Michal Peškar and Jakub Lejsek on 9 November 2021 they will be pleasure for sure.

At the end of the year, we will also prepare a Summary of tax news for the new year together with our dear colleague Ditta Hlaváčková. The seminars will take place on 29 November and 14 December 2021.

We are looking forwards to seeing you in Randls Training!

  • Date: 31. 08. 2021

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