Autumn news in Randls Training

We have ended up our summer program in Rands Training by the end of last August week. The summer has run so fast, hasn´t it?

During last few weeks, however, we have worked very hard to be able to prepare a complete autumn program of our seminars for you. We have plenty of topics, but free places are falling low so do not hesitate to sign in for your preferred topics!

Our Labour Code Amendment training which will prepare you for the changes being effective as of January 2021 stays No. 1 also during autumn. There are only few places left for the October term so do not hesitate to sign in.

Hand in hand with the Labour Code Amendment it goes the new format of annual leave – Michal Peškar will lead you through our special workshop with this topic in October and November.

Are you in the position of a managerial employee? Or do you negotiate with managerial employees being not sure what are their specifics as compared to regular employees? Come to join us in the training “Managerial employees”!

Have you been aware of Slovakian Labour Code being amended? Are you in charge of Slovakian employees? Our training led by an experienced Slovakian attorney Dušan Nitschneider in November will fit your needs.

Another external lecturer of Randls Training, Chief Labour Inspector Aleš Kalvoda will outline everything regarding the process and course of state labour inspection at the employer.

Least, but not last, we have good news for anyone interested in our serial training “Employment law from A to Z” – as of January 2021 we are preparing new terms!

  • Date: 28. 08. 2020

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